A Family Farming Network

The Southern African Agri Initiative (SAAI) is an agricultural interest network for farmers by farmers, which is committed to the protection and promotion of the rights, values, ideals and needs of family farmers in the primary produce sector.

The Future of
Family Farms

The South African Agri Initiative (Saai) was established amidst the challenges and the reality of the fourth industrial revolution. Saai is a network of shared agricultural interests for farmers by farmers and is committed to protecting and promoting the rights, values, ideals, and needs of family farmers within the primary production sector. Farmers are required to overcome a variety of challenges, some examples of which are: land reform, security risks, restrictive trade measures, climate change, as well as a lack of development, training, energy, resources, water, rural infrastructure, technology, and access to financing in the agricultural industry. Saai is committed to playing an active role in the implementation of active strategic solutions for the aforementioned and other agricultural-related challenges and not just relying on policy adjustments.

SAAI endeavours for an agricultural-friendly future and believes that our network must reflect this in essence and in structure.

United By Cooperation

Cooperation agreements and mutual support with agricultural enterprises, industry organizations, research institutions and agricultural organizations that focus on other forms of support, provide SAAI access to expert allies that enable us to examine a wide range of issues. For this reason, SAAI considers existing agricultural unions and organizations as partners in achieving our goal and we strive to unite rather than divide.

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