Taking a Stand Against Trespassing on Farms

Join the Fight Against Trespassing

Trespassing on farms has reached alarming levels across South Africa. From farm attacks and theft to illegal hunting and unauthorized access, farmers face numerous challenges daily. Despite these issues, both law enforcement and prosecution often fail to address these crimes effectively, leaving farmers feeling unprotected and frustrated.

Why is Trespassing a Critical Issue?

Trespassing is more than just an intrusion; it’s a violation of property rights, safety, and livelihood. Farmers are especially vulnerable to unwelcome strangers on their land, leading to various problems like illegal use of resources, theft, and even violent incidents.

Our Mission at Saai

We’ve declared 2024/25 as the Year Against Farm Trespassing and launched a comprehensive campaign to address this critical issue. Our goal is to ensure that laws related to trespassing are enforced more effectively and that those responsible are held accountable.

What We’re Doing

  1. Holding Authorities Accountable
    • PAIA Applications: Demanding transparency from the Ministers of Police and Justice regarding trespassing reports, investigations, arrests, and convictions.
    • Legal Actions: Filing lawsuits to compel law enforcement and prosecution authorities to take action against trespassers.
    • Pressure on Government: Follow-up questions about the SAPS’s handling of trespassing complaints in parliament and pressure from political parties.
  2. Empowering Farmers
    • Reporting System: Encouraging farmers to report trespassing incidents to the police and notify Saai.
    • Farm Name Signs: Providing Notice and Indemnity boards with digital QR codes for easy access to your rights and simplified reporting and follow-up.
  3. Raising Awareness
    • Media Partnership: Weekly publication of a “trespassing barometer” highlighting problem areas, police stations, police officers, courts, prosecutors, and magistrates.
    • Educational Articles: Sharing articles on the impact of trespassing, inadequate law enforcement, and the consequences for farmers.
  4. Supporting Victims
    • Legal Assistance: Seeking opportunities to file civil claims against the SAPS where they have failed to act.
    • Private Prosecutions: Assisting victims in privately prosecuting trespassers when the prosecution authority fails them.

Get Involved

Report Trespassing: Your involvement is crucial for the success of our campaign. If you or someone you know has experienced trespassing, report it to the police and notify SAAI.

Spread the Word: Share our campaign on social media, join community watch programs, and participate in our events and workshops.

Together, we can make a difference and create a safer environment for farmers across South Africa. Join SAAI in our fight against trespassing today!

Remember: The success of our campaign depends on farmers participation in reporting cases. Without this data, we cannot exert proper pressure on the authorities to act against trespassing effectively. Help us protect our farms and communities!

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