There are cadres and the rest

By Dr Theo de Jager If the experience in Zimbabwe, disastrous downward credit ratings and damning court judgments on incompetence and corruption have not adequately discredited the ANC’s commitment to

Deadline for firearm amnesty fast approaching

A substantial number of farmers in South Africa will not hand in their firearms in time before 31 January as a result of the current amnesty conditions and COVID-19 related challenges,

Ban on wine sales: Stop the absurdity

Much more than the frustration in the market place of wine lovers struggling to get their hands on a bottle wine or than guests visiting the Boland being disappointed because

Saai requests extension of amnesty period  

The family farmer organisation Saai on 20 January 2021 requested the Minister of Police in a letter that the deadline for amnesty applications – against the background of the second wave of

With compassion: Prof. Mohammad Karaan

It is with great shock and regret that Saai learned of Prof. Mohammad Karaan’s death. Prof. Karaan was a pioneer in the agricultural industry on academic, political and economic fronts.

Take part in our Wine Poll

If the ban on the transport and sale of alcohol is not lifted soon, 90% of wine farmers will face bankruptcy and about 350 000 people working in the industry

Travel Documents for Pigeon Fanciers

Please read the following opinion piece before you complete the permit below. This opinion will inform you of your rights should you travel inter-provincially. Click here – to read the