Pick n Pay strengthens support for local family farmers across the country

Pick n Pay has partnered with the Southern African Agri Initiative (Saai) to improve local farmers’ exposure to consumers through a TV show, sponsorship of the annual Lamb Champs competition and a first-time entry into the retail supply chain for many.

Now in its third year, the annual festive Lamb Champs events host farmers and guests around the country to showcase and enjoy some of the country’s best lamb. Through a three-year headline sponsorship agreement, Pick n Pay and Lamb Champs will work together to grow and increase the visibility of local family farmers, providing them with enhanced opportunities to market their premium products.

The retailer will introduce a special in-store brand of lamb from Lamb Champs producers, with the brand integrated in-store and on-pack to support and grow customer awareness of local lamb farmers.

The partnership will see a new television show produced after the Lamb Champs events to bring stories of participating family farmers to life. It will delve into their personal and professional journeys, highlighting both the challenges they face and their successes in the agricultural landscape of Southern Africa. The show aims to give viewers a deeper understanding of the dedication and resilience of local farmers, fostering a greater appreciation for their products.

“We are excited to collaborate with Pick n Pay, as they understand and support our farmers. The partnership will expose and highlight the unique stories behind each family farm. This is about much more than branding; it’s about creating a story about lamb meat that emphasises the diversity and quality of our regions. Together, we are expanding market access, ensuring that our farmers’ dedication is recognised and that consumers receive a product of exceptional quality,” said Francois Rossouw, CEO of Saai.

Dallas Langman,Managing Executive of Pick n Pay’s Retail Division, said the initiative would celebrate and support family farmers who are a critical part of the country’s food supply.

“Our collaboration with Lamb Champs aligns with our commitment to providing the highest quality products at the best prices. This means delivering exceptional value to our customers every day. But it also means making a positive impact on the lives of the farmers who work so hard to bring the best meat to our stores.

“By showcasing the diverse and rich heritage of South African lamb, we honour our farmers and connect our customers with the origins of their food.”

This year, Lamb Champs will showcase its premier national and provincial events across South Africa, celebrating the rich heritage and quality of local lamb.

The national event in Pretoria on 20 July will see 8 000 people attend the finest in meat competitions. The focus then shifts to the Free State, where Reitz will host an event on 28 September, with 50 lambs prepared for 2 500 guests. The year culminates in Graaff Reinet on 15 December, where a gathering of 1 500 people will enjoy 40 lambs. Each event is designed to highlight the unique flavours and traditions of its region, bolstering local economies, and celebrating the stories behind the farms.

Visit www.lambchamps.co.za for more information. ‎