Saai is a not-for-profit organisation that focuses on the survival of family farming and that acts to ensure its survival on farms.


Saai is a not-for-profit organisation that was established by farmers for farmers and that is committed to protecting and promoting the rights, values, ideals and needs of the family farmers in the primary production sector.

A family farmer is not old or young, big or small, white or black, poor or rich. A family farmer is a member or members of a family (including those employed by this family) who own or manage an agricultural business.

In 2019 the United Nations launched its Decade of the Family Farmer because the organisation and its subsidiaries had realised that family farms are best placed to curb threats such as urbanisation, famine, unemployment and climate change.

Saai supports family farming communities whenever their interests are threatened. Disasters, the collapse of markets or input financing, policy aspects such as expropriation without compensation or administrated costs, poor service delivery and adverse legislation can force families off their farms. The better family farmers are organised and the more members stand together, the stronger is Saai’s ability to provide protection to family farmers.

Family farmers, their employees, friends and families of farming families who have empathy with the interests of family farmers are welcome to join Saai. Visit Saai’s website at www.saai.org.

Saai functions as a network of family farmers and supporting organisations. It is much more than policy influencing, and includes projects, campaigns and focused actions that ensure that family farmers remain in the mainstream of the rural economies. Saai utilises the latest digital and data-driven technology to ensure that all our actions and structures remain at the forefront of modernisation.