Taking a Stand Against Trespassing on Farms

Join the Fight Against Trespassing Trespassing on farms has reached alarming levels across South Africa. From farm attacks and theft to illegal hunting and unauthorized access, farmers face numerous challenges daily. Despite these issues, both law enforcement and prosecution often fail to address these crimes effectively, leaving farmers feeling unprotected and frustrated. Why is Trespassing […]


Stuck with your firearm license or competency application? Here’s the solution. Have you been waiting for more than 90 days since you submitted your application for a firearm license or competency? If yes, Saai will assist you FOR FREE with an application to the National Commissioner to obtain your firearm license and competency. The process […]

Alternatives to the Agriculture Master Plan

The agricultural master plan plan does not meet the minimum requirements of scientificity, fairness, inclusiveness or clarity, and is therefore doomed to failure. Read a summary of the agricultural master plan here: https://bit.ly/LMPsummary Read the complete agricultural master plan here: https://bit.ly/LMPfull The main objections to the master plan are that it lacks inclusiveness, uses the […]