Alternatives to the Agriculture Master Plan

The agricultural master plan plan does not meet the minimum requirements of scientificity, fairness, inclusiveness or clarity, and is therefore doomed to failure.

Read a summary of the agricultural master plan here: https://bit.ly/LMPsummary
Read the complete agricultural master plan here: https://bit.ly/LMPfull

The main objections to the master plan are that it lacks inclusiveness, uses the ANC’s seriously discredited model of transformation as a foundation and farmers are not mentioned much in the text.

This is an agricultural plan WITHOUT farmers!

Saai, TLU-SA, WRSA and NEASA, as well as various academics, scientists, opposition parties, economists, local and district agricultural unions and individual farmers who rejected the plan, are now working together to develop a more inclusive, market-friendly and government-proof alternative master plan . Unlike the flawed government-driven plan, the alternative one will be more transparent and inclusive and all interested agriculture-related organizations are invited to participate.

All farmers should have an opportunity to also provide input.

The alternative plan will be introduced to parliament by opposition parties outside the ANC’s sphere of influence.

Boere se stemme was nie in ag geneem nie, glo jy 'n altwernatiewe plan is nodig?

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Glo jy daar is 'n alternatiewe plan nodig?