Organisations offer alternative to agricultural plan

Despite great excitement among government officials, agribusinesses, trade unions and the ANC about the agricultural master plan, it is getting wind against it from the farmers and the organisations representing them at grassroots level. No attempt to dampen or ignore the debate could up until now silence the voices objecting to the master plan. Organisations […]

Time for the ANC to leave behind expropriation without compensation

Expropriation without compensation is a concept that belongs to days gone by of cold war and communism and the ANC must part with it to allow South Africa to get on the road to recovery. The government’s obsession with this concept is the origin of massive disinvestment, the lack of growth and competitiveness, job losses, […]

Saai submits commentary on amendment of Constitution

The ANC’s irrational attempt to amend the Constitution to allow for expropriation without compensation is indicative of the political problems the party is experiencing within its electorate, a thoughtless leadership that has already coxswained South Africa into an economic marshland, and of a lack of insight and awareness of the international consequences for trade, diplomatic […]

Disaster relief: why the state is left out

The shortages of basic supplies such as food, medicine, baby milk and other provisions in the unrest-stricken areas of KwaZulu-Natal once again, as happened so often during the past two years, mobilised civil structures to take over the state’s responsibility with regard to disaster relief. While the state is establishing committees and convening meetings with […]

Farmers must support, protect each other

Farmers must be ready and extra vigilant in the midst of the extensive looting in KwaZulu-Natal, Gauteng and elsewhere in the country. They must remain in constant contact with each other and their organised agricultural structures, report incidents and keep their farms, families and workers safe. At Saai we do all in our power to […]

Saai launches #StillNoGun campaign

Feedback from Saai’s members clearly indicates that farmers will not allow their proposed disarmament. The ANC’s initiative to declare the owning of a firearm for self-defence purposes illegal, has caused an uproar in the agricultural community. The family farmer organisation Saai is introducing its public campaign called #StillNoGun this week. The campaign is launched with […]

Saai-Neasa partnership promises huge impact for family farmers

The family farming organisation Saai and the employers’ organisation National Employers Association of South Africa (Neasa) on 22 April 2021 signed a partnership agreement to bridge labour issues in agriculture and to assist farmers with labour problems, as well as policy influencing. This partnership further means that talks and negotiations with trade unions and the government will […]

Help our game farmers and #GoHunting!

The game farming industry in South Africa has suffered a serious setback owing to draconian restrictions on hunting under COVID-19 regulations. A significant part of the more than R16 billion the industry contributes to the economy every year depends on foreign trophy hunters, and last year they could not come. The situation this year is […]

Partnerships work in land reform

By dr. Theo de Jager The partnership-driven model for land reform (the “Karaan Plan”) has been the most successful plan to create a class of profitable black farmers since it was introduced in 2013 and it is also being applied widely elsewhere in Africa. It is the legacy of the late Prof. Mohammad Karaan, former […]

Saai launches digital farm nameboard project

A nameboard on a pole at the gate of a family farm will never be the same again. Saai recently launched its farm nameboard project in which the latest technology is used to protect farms. The ANC’s 2017 decision to amend the Constitution to allow for expropriation without compensation left farmers deeply concerned. Four years […]