There are cadres and the rest

By Dr Theo de Jager If the experience in Zimbabwe, disastrous downward credit ratings and damning court judgments on incompetence and corruption have not adequately discredited the ANC’s commitment to expropriation without compensation, then the flagrant announcement that farms are being donated to MK veterans will cause the world to realise just how dangerous the […]

Deadline for firearm amnesty fast approaching

A substantial number of farmers in South Africa will not hand in their firearms in time before 31 January as a result of the current amnesty conditions and COVID-19 related challenges, even if they wanted to. With the deadline for amnesty for firearm licences fast approaching, the pressure on firearm licencing offices was frequently unmanageable big […]

Ban on wine sales: Stop the absurdity

Much more than the frustration in the market place of wine lovers struggling to get their hands on a bottle wine or than guests visiting the Boland being disappointed because wine tasting at an expensive cellar restaurant is also prohibited, farmers, workers and towns are suffering as a result of a draconic measure prohibiting the […]

Saai highlights in 2020

In January 2020, Saai visited Hungary and Germany as part of our international campaign against farm murders and expropriation without compensation. During this visit Saai held various meetings with these countries’ ministers and members of parliament and we also gave them our Family Farmer Resolution Against Farm Murders for consideration.     In February, Saai […]

Saai welcomes the transfer of state farms to family farmers

The decision by Minister Thoko Didiza to transfer more than 700 000 ha of farm land that have been in state ownership since 1994 to beneficiaries of land reform is one of the wisest decisions that her department has ever made. The family farmers’ organisation  Saai welcomes this decision, which affects many of its black family […]