Saai to stop livestock thieves in their tracks

The sabotage of Ockert Goosen, a young farmer in Bray’s cattle farm by means of theft and the poisoning of his livestock forced Saai to intervene to keep him on his farm and ensure that the law is enforced.

The reign of terror that a livestock and game theft syndicate is conducting in the Bray, Tosca area and along the Botswana border is a priority for Saai and their network partners in the field of rural security and disaster relief.

While farmers, auctioneers and members of the community know who is behind the syndicate, the police have already shown for over a decade that they have no ability, will or legitimacy to act against the livestock theft mafia. Senior police officers are suspected of bribery and collaboration with this syndicate.

The theft and poisoning of Goosen’s cattle, which was widely shared on social media, brought the gang’s reign of terror to a head and forced Saai and its network partners to take action.

Various opposition parties that cannot be bribed by the gang, private security services that cannot be curbed by a compromised police office, the private prosecuting authority and local and foreign media have been involved in a campaign to stop the gang’s activities and hold them criminally liable.

Saai is also raising funds to assist the affected young farmer to get back on his feet, because it is our seriousness to keep family farmers on their farms.