Time for the ANC to leave behind expropriation without compensation

Expropriation without compensation is a concept that belongs to days gone by of cold war and communism and the ANC must part with it to allow South Africa to get on the road to recovery. The government’s obsession with this concept is the origin of massive disinvestment, the lack of growth and competitiveness, job losses, […]

Disaster relief: why the state is left out

The shortages of basic supplies such as food, medicine, baby milk and other provisions in the unrest-stricken areas of KwaZulu-Natal once again, as happened so often during the past two years, mobilised civil structures to take over the state’s responsibility with regard to disaster relief. While the state is establishing committees and convening meetings with […]

There are cadres and the rest

By Dr Theo de Jager If the experience in Zimbabwe, disastrous downward credit ratings and damning court judgments on incompetence and corruption have not adequately discredited the ANC’s commitment to expropriation without compensation, then the flagrant announcement that farms are being donated to MK veterans will cause the world to realise just how dangerous the […]