Saai condemns HRC’s recent Malema ruling

Saai is very shocked about the blatant racism on which the Human Rights Commission (HRC) based its ruling on Malema’s hate speech against white and Indian people. The HRC’s ideologically-twisted statements have been the objects of suspicion for many years. The latest arguments, namely that the extent of prejudice in a former order can determine the quality of current human rights, are outrageous, however.

Despite the HRC’s agenda and questionable statements, there exist no way in which the ANC and EFF – with chants like Kill the Farmer and political speeches that incite violence against especially white farmers – can exonerate themselves from the largest murder rate in the world. Despite the glaring lack of reporting by the English media, history will remember the past two decades for the run-away farm attack rate and the inhumane torturing that accompanies farm murders, while government did hardly anything to curb it.

Saai joins the ranks of that part of the South African and international community with which the HRC has lost all credibility. It welcomes and support actions to return the HRC’s activities and rulings to within internationally-accepted and civilised norms.