Bovlei farm fundraiser


Petra and Jakkals Louw farm just outside Sutherland and due to 9 years of debilitating drought they struggle to keep the farm and the animals alive. They decided to hold a fundraiser where people could buy tickets to win a real Karoo lamb. The cost of the raffle is R200 – that’s what a bag of maize costs! Saai has offered our lottery fundraising platform so they can reach more people – every penny raised is paid to them.

“Unfortunately, the drought is still a predominant factor in our area. The 3 mm here and 10 mm there have no effect on the veld. Half of the forests are dead, we believe, and the other half have very, very much. rain needed to recover. Unfortunately the land we rent had some rain, and we were able to move the animals there. But the field is not “good” at all, there is roughage, but the nutrition is only slight. That is why today we take the liberty of once again asking for contributions and donations. We get through with roughage, but need maize to take the animals through the winter. Rough feed with seeds will also work. Sutherland’s winters are biting, and on an empty stomach not any animal’s playmate. We really believed we were going to get rain this summer, but it was not our turn yet.”

Share this with your friends they need all the help they can get!

Once you have selected the quantity of tickets you want to buy and clicked “Participate”, your order will be available in the shopping cart that appears at the top right of your screen. You can click on the basket to complete your order.

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