Grondpad Vellies

Grondpad started only in 2019 with a vision that owner Charl Wright had to make his dreams of what real farm life is available to all South Africans.

Those dreams are captured on the fertile ground where Charl grew up on a farm in Christiana, a small Northwest province town.

Charl developed a great nostalgia for skins, and the dirt road on which he constantly walked as a child and young man.

Charl says, “My love for the farm and the Afrikaans people gave me the necessary inspiration to develop this truly South African skin”.

Grondpad Vellies is a brand that is synonymous with South Africans, Boere, farming community and the very heartbeat of South Africa… Quality Vellies, with Grondpad Vellies winning the hearts of thousands of South Africans in less than two years.

Part of Grondpad’s dream is to assist our farmers in particularly challenging times.