Stuck in your firearm license or competency application? Here’s the solution.

Have you been waiting for more than 90 days since you submitted your application for a firearm license or competency?

If so, Saai will assist you FOR FREE with an application against the National Commissioner to obtain your firearm license and competency.

The process is straightforward and can be summarized as follows:

  1. You submitted your application to SAPS and are currently awaiting approval of your license by the police.
  2. If you haven’t heard anything after 90 working days, the next step is to prod the police. We will send this reminder on your behalf (this is FREE).
  3. Five working days after the reminder, we will prepare and send the application for the sheriff to serve on the relevant parties. This process is the same regardless of where in the country you submitted your license application.
  4. Saai will cover the legal costs on your behalf.
  5. The entire process is FREE, and there are NO costs involved.

Please fill in the following where applicable, whether you are waiting for a firearm license or competency: (If there are multiple applications, please fill out a form for each application)

Vuurwapen Lisensie Aansoek